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Welcome to the Hawaii Five-0 Newsletter!

Posting Schedule

We're happy to say that we are now a daily newsletter. If you want to help us, please read the "Volunteering" section. We would be very happy to have you on the team!


Whenever a Hawaii Five-0-related community is promoted in a community we already watch, the newsletter will list it as a new community, and from then on include posts made there (including challenge announcements).

Promoted multifandom communities and members-only communities will be linked in the newsletter once, but their individual posts will not be included.

To see which communities and journals we currently include in the newsletter, have a look at the sockpuppet's profile (h50watcher). If you want us to include a comm or journal, please leave a comment on the latest edition.

Comments on the NL

Please let us know in a comment to the latest NL edition if we missed an entry which was posted to communities we're already watching, or if there's an H50-centric LJ comm we don't watch yet.

However, the NL comments should not generally be used for recs or fic announcements. Consider promoting your fics, recs, comms or hosted challenges via h50_noticeboard.


Where included in the original post, we will also warn for spoilers for one week after a new episode aired in the US. Currently H50 has a Monday slot on CBS, so we will keep spoiler warnings up to and including on that week's Sunday edition. Upcoming episodes will always be warned for.


We link to the base URL, taking away all #cutid and ?mode=reply, and will always link within LJ. If a story was posted outside LJ, for example at AO3, the newsletter will link to the announcement posted at the LJ community. This is to ensure that readers will see the full story header.

Missing Headers

We require fanfiction to have title, author, pairing and rating as the bare minimum in its header, otherwise it will be listed as untitled/anonymous/unrated. If the pairing is missing, it is at the coder's discretion whether to read the story to figure it out, or to skip it entirely.

Warnings and Ratings

Certain warnings will be included as they suggest major changes for the pairing: genderswap (slash might become het or vice versa), AU (potential out-of-character) and preslash/-het (essentially gen stories with more or less obvious UST). The categorization of a story as gen, preslash/-het or pairing is up to the creator.

Ratings are also carried over from the story headers: either the MPAA ratings (G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17), European ratings (0, 6, 12, 16, 18), or Fan ratings (General, Kid and up/K+, Teen and up/T+, Mature, Adult/Explicit), which all boil down to the same age brackets anyways.


We are always looking for volunteers to take over weekly editions on the roster, or people who can stand in if one of us is sick/on vacation/too busy. If you're interested, please comment on the latest edition and we'll get back to you. The only requirements are some basic HTML knowledge and a grasp of how LJ works.

Your task would be to go through the h50watcher friends list, starting with the last newsletter edition, and compile a new one based on a template we'll provide. This may take up to two hours for an edition, depending on how active the comms were and how experienced you are with HTML coding.

Contacting Mods

The best way to contact the mods is to comment on the latest edition. Please do not PM us for newsletter inclusions, since there is a chance that you will not PM the person who will code the next edition.


If you want your community to be listed as an affiliate, please contact the owner, saphirablue, directly.

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